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        www.ngzyjs.com serves business information services for organizations, enterprises and individuals that are involved in the provinces of paper and relevant industries. providing subscriber services resolutions such as information publication, tailoring information, advertisement, website construction for enterprises and marketing; building up an comprehensive paper industrial platform leveraging information publication, agency communication and E-commerce.
        China Paper Price Trendency is the earliest,from 2002 to now, and covering full-scale price channel in China.It provides stable and reliable sources of price and information, complete and professional price sampling and analysis,which let customers know the current prices in the paper market and also future tendency...
        China Paper Economic Reference
        China Paper Economic Reference is the leading semi-monthly magzine which sponsored by China Industry Information Center and China Paper Website. tracking and deeply anylsis the lastest important event,policies and regulations,price and market tendency,currently hot issues. Let you know the China paper industry clearly.
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